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Crosshead locking nut

Crosshead locking nut

Crosshead locking nut
Crosshead locking nutCrosshead locking nutCrosshead locking nutCrosshead locking nut
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Update TimeJun 16,2024
Detail Information
Constituent Part :     CrosAshead body ,crosshead pin and crosshead locking nut.  


1.Nodular cast iron ,cast steel ,forget steel for crosshead body ;
2. Casting Babbitt Alloy for slide surface ;
3.38CrMoAlA,42CrMoE etc. for crosshead pin .

Reciprocating compressors are widely used in oil and gas refinery facilities. They constitute an important part of the mechanical equipment in the oil and gas industries and are used for different applications in the main and auxiliary process cycles.
The nuts are used at the crosshead joint and it is here that the piston rod is locked to the crosshead to prevent rotation. A technical manager at a leading compressor manufacturing company has described this as “the most vital connection on a reciprocating compressor”. This is because if it is not maintained properly or the jam nuts adequately replaced, then the result is piston rod fatigue failure and work stops while the compressor is decommissioned. 
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