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mushroom-shaped valve

mushroom-shaped valve

mushroom-shaped valve
mushroom-shaped valvemushroom-shaped valvemushroom-shaped valvemushroom-shaped valvemushroom-shaped valve
CategoriesReciprocating air Valve
Update TimeJun 16,2024
Detail Information
Design Features:

The spring is arranged on the outermost ring and has excellent oil viscous effect.
Bonnet optimized design, resistant to oil viscous
High performance impact resistant PEEK valve plate, small seat and valve wear, low noise
Stout spring, low stress, long life
Anti-fouling treatment, anti-liquid attack, anti-impurity, anti-oil stickiness, not easy to accumulate, good reliability

Applicable working conditions:

No molecular weight limit
Medium and high pressure working conditions
High speed condition, speed <1800rpm
Oil (excessive lubrication) condition

Design Advantage:


1.The spring is placed in the outermost circle ——— excellent effect for resistance to oil and viscosity


2.Optimum design of the valve bonnet ———— Resistance to oil and viscosity


3. High performance impact resistance of PEEK valve plate ———— low loss of the valve seat and valve plate ,low noise


4. Sturdy spring ———— low stress and long life


5. Soil Resistance ———— Resistance to liquid and impurities and oil viscosity, high reliability


Suitable Area:


 Free restriction for formula weight


 The condition of Medium - high pressure


 The condition of high speed ,rotation rate < 1800 rpm


 The condition of oil (excessive lubrication)


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