Ring valve

Ring valve
Ring valveRing valveRing valve
CategoriesReciprocating air Valve
Update TimeMay 22,2024
Detail Information

Design Advantage:



1. Wide channel,wide sealing surface ———— Better airtightness and flow performance , energy conservation


2. Large valve lift ———— Large flow area, low loss of the valve


3. High performance impact resistance of PEEK valve plate ———— low loss of the valve seat and valve plate ,low noise


4. Special structural design of the valve plate ———— Decrease the valve tilting movement


5. Sturdy spring ———— low stress and long life


6. Soil Resistance ———— Resistance to liquid and impurities and oil viscosity, high reliability


7. Optimum design of the valve bonnet ———— Resistance to oil and viscosity 

Suitable Area:


 Coal Chemical Industry


 Waste Gas Recovery for Oil and Petrochemical

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