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valve plate
valve platevalve platevalve platevalve platevalve plate
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Update TimeJun 17,2024
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3Cr13 ,4Cr13, 7C27Mo2(Sandvik)  for metal valve plate ;

Victrex ,filled in glass or carbon fibers to be used in different conditions for Non-metallic valve plate .

PEEK, Carbon  The compressor air valve is composed of a valve seat, a valve cover, a valve plate, a spring and a fastening bolt. The working process is based on the gas pressure in the cylinder. The pressure difference between the gas pressure and the spring force before entering the cylinder pushes the valve plate up and down to open. In the closed state, the main force component is the valve piece of the air valve, and the wearing part is the valve piece. The breakage of the valve piece may cause the sealing surface of the valve seat to be damaged, or even fall into the cylinder of the compressor, causing the piston to move. The abnormal sound is even damaged or even damages the piston or cylinder. Therefore, the performance of the valve material of the compressor determines the key factor of the service time of the compressor valve, and it is also a powerful guarantee for continuous and long-term operation of the compressor.

A novel structure with a self-elastic buffer sheet compressor mesh valve, the central valve of the air valve cushion sheet has no elastic arm at the center of the buffer plate, and is designed as an elastic body, so that the stress during the working process of the buffer sheet is small, and The rigidity coefficient is large, the spring force of the buffer sheet is large, and the reliability of the air valve is high. The finite element method is used to calculate the stiffness coefficient, working process stress and equivalent motion quality of the self-elastic buffer sheet, and the corresponding mathematical model of the valve working process is established. The mesh valve with self-elastic buffer sheet compressor is applied to the design or modification of a series of large and medium-sized compressor valves, and the effect is good.

Because the shape of the buffer sheet is more complicated, the finite element method is used to calculate the deformation and stress during the working process of the buffer sheet. The deflection of each ring of the self-elastic buffer sheet is different. When the motion law of the valve is analyzed by the single-mass mathematical model, the motion quality of the buffer sheet needs to adopt the equivalent motion quality.
The cushioning pad is an integral part of the skateboard and serves to cushion, balance and cushion.
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